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  • I don’t know about you, but I tend to get stressed when my daughter’s birthday is right around the corner. I’m always trying to find a balance between getting creative and adding personal touches to the party, without getting too ambitious.
  • Summer is here, summer fun is here, and that can only mean more opportunities to eat ice cream (I mean, among other enjoyable things)! And speaking of enjoying, why only

  • Until your children start school, you have full days to fill up with activities for you and your little ones.   When you need a break from playing at home, there are so many fun things to do together, and they don’t all have to cost a lot of money!  
  • So buying a stroller feels like is a big decision, right?  I mean really, this is sort of like your child’s first car!  Well, when I was pregnant, I just became OBSESSED with researching strollers.  There are so many choices out there, and I was overwhelmed.  It was enough to
  • Apr 19, 2016

    Puppy Pal Treats

    My daughter Lucy and I are no strangers to baking treats and sharing them with friends and/or delivering them to friends in the neighborhood. When a dog friend fell under the weather recently, we decided to make some treats for him after school one day
  • Well, we couldn't be more thrilled to have been featured in CoolMomPicks.com - one of our very favorite parenting websites where you can find all sorts of amazing things and get fantastic ideas for moms!  Take a look at what they had to say about Newlie Diaper Bags!

    When you’re pregnant, your body goes through so many changes that taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is incredibly important. You deserve to pamper yourself as much as you can!

    Here are some helpful suggestions on how you can take great care of yourself during this special time.

  • Sleep is one of those parenting topics that can often cause a lot of debate. But one thing all new parents can agree on is that sleep in your first few weeks after birth can be hard. I’ve never met a new parent who would pass on a few hours of extra sleep! One of the biggest tools any new parent can have is

  • The girls from BonBonRose really love our Louise Backpack Diaper Bag for many reasons. Here's what they have to say:With two that are mobile, I’m finding that a convertible backpack diaper bag is really helpful. My little ones are growing so fast! I mean isn’t that something that sounds so cliché’? Words that all parents murmur

  • Autumn, the author of the blog Our Blended Home did a lovely review of our Gail Satchel Diaper Bag. We're thrilled with what she has to say! Here's a little of what she
  • Feb 08, 2016

    A Heart Map

    In honor of February, a month when we celebrate love and hearts are ubiquitous, I wanted to do a artsy exercise with my daughter Lucy that focused on our hearts. We made
  • When you're out and about with your wee one, it's really important you pack your diaper bag with everything you need. I love hearing about what other mama's carry with them - it's such a great way to get good ideas about
  • We're so excited to have a great video review by Hilary on our Louise Diaper Bag Backpack from her YouTube Channel My So Called Home. Don't forget to
  • Jan 13, 2016

    Inspiration Boards


    When January rolls around, it seems that a lot of us find ourselves reflecting on the past year and perhaps even feeling the need to make changes in the new year. (My birthday also happens to fall at the beginning of January, so this is doubly true for me.) Some people call them 'resolutions,' but I've never had success with those. I prefer to call them

  • 1. Your peace of mind. What brings you peace of mind? There are many things we cannot control outside of ourselves, but we can find little things to bring us peace of mind within. Here area few of my favorites:
  • Most expecting couples have already been given that basic list of staples that are needed for your trip to the hospital awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy. This is not that list. After 15 years working with new parents this list contains the tried and true must haves for the expectant parent.

  • Tree of Thanks
    It's November, the month of Thanksgiving- one of my favorite holidays! I love everything about it- being with family, eating yummy food, and reflecting on what I'm thankful for. But why should we only reserve that for one day a year?
  • The Lily Tote is named after my daughter Lily. This is something she's very proud of and she even has a Lily Tote of her own. Lily let me know
  • Dark circles, puffy bags, heavy lids, red rims and bloodshot veins.....sound familiar? It seems these sleepy-eye markers (badges of honor??) of motherhood are at least somewhat inevitable. As a makeup artist
  • Recently a friend imparted to me how a photographer friend of hers had photographed a well-known Hollywood celebrity mom and her new baby for a popular magazine. The photographer friend recounted how she felt dismay
  • Oct 09, 2015

    Bump Club and Beyond

    Every Wednesday Bump Club and Beyond chooses a mom for their Wonder Woman Wednesdays to answer a bunch of questions and Leslie was chosen!  It went a little like this:
    What is your backstory?

    Well, I started as an actor performing at a well known improv theater in Los Angeles called the Groundling’s




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