Summer is here, summer fun is here, and that can only mean more opportunities to eat ice cream (I mean, among other enjoyable things)! And speaking of enjoying, why only enjoy eating ice cream, when you can also enjoy making it? I found a very simple ice cream recipe that you can make without an ice cream machine! What's not to love? But wait, it gets better! In one word: Nutella!

My daughter Lucy and I made this using just three (that's right- 3!) ingredients! Heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and Nutella is all you need!

First, whip up 16 ounces of whipping cream. We used a mixer for this part.

In a separate bowl, combine one can of sweetened condensed milk and one cup of Nutella.

Next, fold in the whipped cream.

And, that's pretty much it! Transfer the mixture into a container, stick it in the freezer, and do your best to wait until it's frozen. This part is tricky, but it's worth the wait, trust me.

You could also add in other goodies, like mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, nuts, sprinkles- the possibilities are endless. I can think of many ways to customize this basic recipe. It's probably my duty to experiment as much as possible. For scientific purposes, of course. ;) Then again, plain was pretty damn yummy, so you could always stick with that! Lucy approve. :)

Written by our Guest Mom Contributor Shannon Casper.

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