Summer is here, which can bring many fun celebrations. While I enjoy giving flowers at special occasions, sometimes in lieu of real flowers, I like to opt for flower alternatives, such as flowers made of fabric, tissue or crepe paper, or even coffee filters. 

My daughter Lucy and I made coffee filter flowers other day.

To make the flowers, you will need paper coffee filters, watercolor paints, and pipe cleaners. Before you start, I suggest covering your workspace with an absorbent material. We used paper towels over plastic art mats, but you could also use newspaper. Flatten out the coffee filters, then begin to paint any design (or non-design) you want.

As you paint, the watercolors will absorb and spread into beautiful designs. The type of brush, amount of paint, and amount of water you use will affect the intensity of the colors.
When the surface is covered to your liking, set aside to dry.

I love how each one is unique. I mean, how pretty are these? Even the paper towels underneath were pretty! 

Once they've dried, you can start assembling your flowers. Pinch the middle of the coffee filter and gently twist to form a flower shape. You can use a single filter, or more than one, depending on how big you want the bloom to be. Then attach a pipe cleaner around the bottom to form a stem. Continue to make as many flowers as you want. Then you can either leave them loose, or bundle them together to form a bouquet.

I wrapped a bunch for Lucy to give to one of her friends.

These are so fun to make, and what's great about this project is that even the littlest kids can help make them. We first made flowers like this when Lucy was around 4 years old. I also like this project because there is no right or wrong way to do it, and each one turns out to be a beautiful, unique piece of art.

Written by Guest Mom Contributor Shannon Casper.

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