Sep 14, 2016

DIY Backpack Dangles

My daughter Lucy has started 2nd grade and I am having all the feels about that. How did this happen? It's so bittersweet...*sigh*

I don't know what it's like where your kids go to school, but Lucy and her friends are all about hanging a bunch of dangly things off their backpacks. For instance, clip-on Beanie Boosm other stuffed animals, and keychains. The more the better! As school has started, I thought it would be fun for Lucy to make something cool for her backpack. She ended up making ones for herself and some friends.

These were really easy to make. We were able to use beads and cotton cord we already had on hand, and just needed to make a quick trip to the craft store for key rings.

To start each one, Lucy chose a cord color and a bead that would serve as the anchor at the bottom. I tied the bead at the center of the piece or cord and secured it with a knot. Then she carefully chose her beads and strung them up.

When she was finished, I tied a knot to secure the beads in place, then attached the string of beads to a key ring.

She also decided to decorate some of the beads with a gold Sharpie.

Lucy had so much fun making these for her friends, personalizing each one depending on colors and animals she thought they would like. I think they are adorable!

Lucy was so excited to go back to school, and to give these to her friends. :) Wishing all the kiddos a wonderful year!
Written by guest mom contributor Shannon Casper.

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