Well, we couldn't be more thrilled to have been featured in CoolMomPicks.com - one of our very favorite parenting websites where you can find all sorts of amazing things and get fantastic ideas for moms!  Take a look at what they had to say about Newlie Diaper Bags!

CoolMomPicks.com talks about how much they love Newlie Diaper Bags!

I recently got wind of the hot new line of Newlie diaper bags created by Leslie Newton, who might be best known as the Leslie of timi & leslie.  I have to say, I’m impressed. And I’m a mom who doesn’t impress that easily when it comes to accessories, whether they’re meant to hold spare diapers or not.

As with so many diaper bags these days, Newlie diaper bags are designed to look like nothing of the sort. It’s only the a wipe-clean interior, zillions of pockets, and a sizeable insulated pocket on the inside of each bag that gives its primary use away.

That pocket is perfect for baby bottles, breast milk, and toddlers snacks best enjoyed cool, but eventually, it can be used for anything at all you want to stash in there. Because I think you’ll want to wear these long after you stop calling the baby, “the baby.”

The three main diaper bags in the Newlie collection include a chic diaper tote in both black and a funky pewter metallic that’s calling my name. After all, we urban moms-on-the-go don’t have glove compartments — we have tote bags. And they are life itself.  So that’s definitely the one I gravitate to most.

The Gail Satchel Diaper Bag in Sandalwood has a center divider pocket for extra organization.

There’s also a contemporary, 7-pocket large satchel diaper bag, which looks straight outta Barney’s with a far more affordable price tag. And if you love a backpack style but want something more NYC-bound than Outward Bound, check out the Louise Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag, which goes from backpack to shoulder bag. It looks like Prada to me, with a blend of a slightly shiny nylon with really nice faux leather accents and metallic hardware.

I don’t sense that it’s massive, and the styling means you aren’t going to get a male partner proudly wearing it around any time soon, so decide whether that’s a make-or-break for you in a backpack style bag.

I think a whole lot of stylish moms will be delighted to know the company is committed to affordability too.

You can read the full article at coolmompicks.com.

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