Mar 24, 2016

DIY Washi Tape Frame

Looking for a quick, inexpensive handmade gift idea? Or simple a way to spruce up photo frames around the house? Or maybe just a project to keep tiny hands busy for a while? Try making a washi tape frame!

All you need is: a plain frame, washi tape, and a pair of scissors. If you're not familiar with washi tape, it's Japanese masking tape. Washi tape is great for crafts, especially kid crafts, because it's made of paper that is not too sticky, so it's forgiving and easily removable and repositionable. The tapes we used for this project are from Daiso (I LOVE that store), but they are readily available these days at craft stores, as well as Target, and online. Before you begin, remove the backing and glass, so that you are only working with the frame itself.

Craft supplies

All you need to do is: cover the surface of the frame with the tape. That's it! You can certainly decide on a pattern ahead of time. Or, you can throw caution to the wind, following my 6 year-old daughter Lucy's method, and just go to town! I didn't give her much instruction at all, on purpose. I wanted to see how she would chose to cover the frame. Would she use horizontal lines or vertical lines? Would she use long pieces of tape, or short? Would she try to line everything up perfectly, in a pattern, or get creative and vary it up? She really had fun with this. From cutting each piece of tape... placing each piece on the frame...

...being careful wrap the tape around to the back.

Focused, she continued to tape until the entire frame was covered.

Once the entire front of the frame was covered, I taped along the sides, to give it a more finished look. We didn't care about how the back looked. ;) Then she wanted to embellish the frame with stickers.

This has immediately become one of my favorite projects. Because this was pretty simple and straight-forward (just cutting and taping), I didn't need to guide Lucy through the process. She was able to take the creative reigns all by herself from start to finish. It was really neat to watch her have fun deciding which tapes to use where, and how to apply them. This project kept her interest the whole time!
I also really like this project because it's easy to customize. Depending on the kind of washi tape and frames you get, the possibilities are endless! Because the tapes are semi-transparent, I chose a white frame that would allow the colors to pop, but depending on the colors of tapes you have, different colored frames would also allow for different, cool effects. I could see a cute, coordinating wall collage at home, or they also make really cute gifts.

I love this so much! Lucy gifted this frame to a friend, but now wants to make one for herself, too. And so do I! Why should the kiddos have all the fun? Friends, don't be surprised if you receive washi tape frames as gifts next Christmas! ;)
Written by Guest Mom Contributor Shannon Flores.

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