Sarah from BonBonRose Girls reviews the Louise Backpack Diaper Bag

The girls from BonBonRose really love our Louise Backpack Diaper Bag for many reasons.  Here's what they have to say:

With two that are mobile, I’m finding that a convertible backpack diaper bag is really helpful. My little ones are growing so fast! I mean isn’t that something that sounds so cliché’? Words that all parents murmur every time they look at a photo that’s even a mere six months old? But it’s true! This time last year when I shared what was in my diaper bag packed for two, we were still in the murky waters of both an infant and a three-year-old going through potty training. Now, here we are a year later with a walking toddler and a 4-year-old, who is not only fully potty trained, but making the transition to “big kid” a little more every day.

I mean right now I’m hearing about what all the other preschoolers have in their lunches and how he REALLY wishes he could try a fruit roll-up. He just KNOWS that it will taste delicious because Zoe’s mom packs them in her lunch. Clearly Zoe is very cool!

With the year that has passed we have gone through so many changes, including our changing needs in what and how to pack the diaper bag.

With two that are mobile, I’m finding that having my hands free by using a convertible backpack diaper bag, like this Louise bag from Newlie, is really helpful. Whether it’s for opening up the endless snacks we seem to go through or for quickly snatching up Max from touching anything and everything he shouldn’t, being able to transition from over the shoulder to hands free is great!

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