Feb 08, 2016

A Heart Map

In honor of February, a month when we celebrate love and hearts are ubiquitous, I wanted to do a artsy exercise with my daughter Lucy that focused on our hearts. We made heart maps.

I explained a little about what a heart map would look like and contain, then we started. She wanted me to draw a big heart, so I did. Before filling it in, she made a list of people and things that she loved.

Then she counted up the number of list items so that we knew how many sections to draw inside the heart. Again, she asked that I do this part, so I did. Once all the sections were drawn, she started to fill in the spaces. I loved that she decided to put "myself" in the heart space in the center. :)

Once she decided where to place everything, she colored the heart. She decided to color each space a different color, choosing with care a specific color for each space.

I love this activity, because it gets your child thinking about what's close to their heart (literally, what's inside it)- what they love and what's important to them. I can definitely see this as being a great project for kids of all ages. At 6 years old Lucy can sometimes be easily distracted, but she was focused on this project the entire time, and took great care in completing each part. I found that she really enjoyed doing this. Thinking about all these things seemed to make her happy. For younger kids, parents could do more of the writing, after asking for the child's input for their favorite things, and then the child could color in the spaces. Older kids could do then whole thing themselves, and get even more creative with filling in spaces, perhaps adding descriptions and more embellishments. And why should this only be for kids? I made a heart too! It was fun to make, and looking at it makes me happy!

All in all, it was a really fun project, and makes for a great Valentine's Day wall decoration!

What's in YOUR heart?

Written by our Guest Mom Contributor Shannon Casper.

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