The Lily Tote Diaper Bag in Pewter

Leslie, Newlie's founder, wrote this article for Mothers In Protest ( and wanted to share it here too!  So here we go...

When you're out and about with your wee one, it's really important you pack your diaper bag with everything you need.  I love hearing about what other mama's carry with them - it's such a great way to get good ideas about how to pack things and what to bring.  It's also good to make a diaper bag packing list for those mornings you're half asleep (it helps to make sure you don't forget anything!)  or to give to your partner if he or she is taking the baby out for the day.

Here is a list of important essentials you'll want to include in your diaper bag for your baby:

  1. Diapers and Diaper Cream - whether you use cloth or disposable you do not want to run out of these.  Think about how long you'll be out for to determine how many to bring. I suggest you keep a few extra in the car for emergencies!
  2. Wipes - you'll need your wipes for diaper changing, hand washing and about a million other things.  Don't leave home without them and I suggest having an extra pack in your car as well.
  3. Wet Bags - you should bring some disposable ones for dirty disposable diapers, and reusable, water proof ones for your dirty cloth diapers (if you use them) and clothing that gets dirty.  You want to keep your dirty clothing away from everything else in your diaper bag, and wet bags can do the trick.  
  4. Burp Cloths - These come in handy for so many things so have a few packed in your diaper bag at the ready.
  5. Change of Clothes - depending how long you'll be out and what the weather is like will determine exactly what clothes you'll need but it's always important to have an extra set on hand.  And unless it's really hot, a sweater is good to have as well.
  6. Muslin Swaddle - these are great for swaddling your little one, using as a nursing cover, and draping over your stroller when you're little one needs more shade.  Not to mention acting as a light blanket to keep your baby cozy.
  7. First Aid Kit - your first aid needs will change as you baby grows but it's important to have a little age appropriate first aid kit with you.
  8. Sunscreen - when your baby is old enough to wear it, you definitely want to have it on hand.
  9. Hand Sanitizer - good to have with you when you need to get those germies off your hands!
  10. Bottle - if you're feeding with formula or are storing pumped milk, you'll need your bottles.  The amount to bring again depends on how long you will be out and how often your little one will need to feed during that time.
  11. Mommy Snacks - As a mom, especially with a small baby, we get so busy staying on our baby's schedule that sometimes we forget to take care of ourself!  Put a few protein bars in your diaper bag along with some water for yourself, especially if you're breast feeding.  You've got to keep your hydration and calories up.
  12. Some Baby Toys - make sure to bring a few entertaining baby toys that your little one loves.  Especially good for when baby cries!
  13. Pacifier (optional) - if you use one, bring it.  It's great to put it in it's own little carrier so it doesn't get dirty.

The above lists all the essentials for a small baby.  As you little one gets older or if you have toddler siblings, you'll obviously need a few other things.  But this list of basics is a good start.  


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