Ways to believe in yourself in the New Year

1.  Your peace of mind.  What brings you peace of mind?  There are many things we cannot control outside of ourselves, but we can find little things to bring us peace of mind within.  Here area few of my favorites: a morning walk, a five minute meditation just listening to my breathing, a call to a dear friend, writing in my journal about my day, a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.  It doesn't take a lot to bring a little peace of mind, even when the waters are rough.

2.  Your Body.  Keep active.  No you don't have to run a marathon.  Take walks.  Download the Johnson & Johnson 7 minute work out app.  You can then exercise from your phone anywhere you are and you know what?  You feel it!  Join a new exercise class with a friend.  Take a dance class.  Turn on music for a 1/2 everyday and dance away.  Exercising is like putting money away for retirement.  Every time you move your body and get your heart rate up, you're investing in your body.

3.  Laughing.  I"m telling you, for me it's so important to laugh.  It relieves stress, it gets your mind off things, it just gives yourself a break.  Watch a funny movie, tv show or just a fun clip on youtube.  Read a funny book.  Call a friend who makes you laugh.  Get a few laughs in everyday.  I find after a good laugh, I have better perspective on the more stressful parts of my life.

4.  Forgiving Ourselves.  News alert!  None of us are perfect.  I'd like to do things better, I'd like to accomplish more, I'd like to improve things about myself and my life.  That's all fine.  But I believe when I forgive myself for when I make mistakes or when I am not perfect, that makes space in my life for more something more positive. 

5.  Gratitude - no matter how difficult life can get, I always try to find something to be grateful for.  A sunny day, my daughter's smile, a delicious cupcake, a missing sock I finally found!!  It can be anything, large or small.  Find those things to be grateful for - make a list.  It really makes a difference.

6.  Ourselves.  Believe in ourselves.  No one else can do it for us.  It must come from within. Don't give up on yourself.  Make a list of what you like about yourself.  Don't compare yourself to others, but instead celebrate what makes you unique.  

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