My favorite type of artwork to do with my daughter while she's still small, is artwork using her handprints and footprints.  Those little hands and feet are growing so quickly and I want to capture them in time at all the different stages of her life (until she starts to protest!)  I found some really cute ideas on pinterest while searching for a craft for us to do this Thanksgiving.  Take a look and see which ones you'd like to try!

DIY Thanksgiving Napkins with your child's handprint

I love these DIY cloth napkins.  Such a simple idea but they look so professional.  Just print your little one's handprints using fabric paints, and then afterward you loosely sketch around them.  I love these fall colors and the pretty chord used to tie them together.  What a wonderful way to personalize your Thanksgiving table this year.  I found this idea at the GluedToMyCrafts Blog.

Thankful DIY Handprint art for the family to do

This is a simple one for the whole family to do.  Everyone traces their hand on colored paper and then you cut them out.  Place them from biggest to smallest on a beautiful patterned scrapbooking piece of paper or wrapping paper, and add the little turkey out of construction paper on the front.  Chose a frame and this makes a great holiday decoration or gift.  Love it!  I found this on the MainlyHomeMade Blog.

HandPrint DIY placemats for Thanksgiving

Another festive way to use your little one's handprints is to make these cute Thanksgiving placemats.  With some fabric paint and some letter stencils you can do some really cute things.  You can even personalize each mat with a family member's name.  I found this cute DIY project on the blog MeaningfulMama.

Foot Print DIY Turkey for Thanksgiving

Here's a great way to use a footprint.  I love this little turkey with the different patterned feathers in the back.  You can use fabric or paper and really get creative.  This would be a fun one to frame as well for your own wall or as a gift.  I found this at The Bump Blog.

DIY Apron for Thanksgiving using your children's handprints

Got a budding chef in the house?  What better way to inspire a little one's cooking flare then to make DIY Thanksgiving Aprons with handprint turkeys.  Make one for yourself while you're at it and you can all cook together!  If you really want to go crazy you could do matching chef hats to boot!  I found this at Dixie Crystals.


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