The Lily Tote with a Rainbow Pattern Designed by my daughter
The Lily Tote is named after my daughter Lily.  This is something she's very proud of, and she even has a Lily Tote of her own.  Lily let me know that she was my business partner, and that as my partner she would help me with bag designs.  This is her first design, the Lily Rainbow Tote.  I asked her a few questions about it and here's what she had to say:
What inspired this diaper bag design?
I designed this because rainbows are pretty.  I thought of using rainbows because rainbows really inspire me.
What makes the perfect diaper bag?
The Lily Tote makes the perfect diaper bag because it's smooth, it has a goldish color on it (antique brass hardware) and it's named after me.
What can we expect with some of your future designs?
I'd like to design bags with unicorns, clouds, suns and blue skies.  Also princesses, queens, castles and Curious George.
What would be some other good names for diaper bags?
The Bad Dad Bag
The Gramma Samma Bag
The Joe Smoe Bag
The O'Mary Sary Bag
So, there you have it.  I expect we'll be seeing some more awesome diaper bags from this budding designer.

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