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Dark circles, puffy bags, heavy lids, red rims and bloodshot veins.....sound familiar? It seems these sleepy-eye markers (badges of honor??) of motherhood are at least somewhat inevitable. As a makeup artist in Los Angeles, I've literally made a career out of the art of concealing.....but as a first time mom of a 7 week old baby girl, I do find that the rules of the game change when it comes to actually trying to leave the house looking put together (all of a sudden I have a section of clothes I call my "presentable pajamas"...when did that happen??!). Here are a few tips to wake up a tired face - now no one will know you were up all night protecting your little one from the monsters in the closet. 

1) When it comes to concealer...LESS IS MORE!!!!!: When you see those purple half-moons under your eyes, you might be tempted to layer more concealer on than you normally would in an effort to cover them up. Please resist! Yes, we want to brighten the under eye area, but more importantly, you don't want your makeup to suddenly look heavy and caked. Trust me, too much makeup around the eyes = older and sleepier looking eyes, which is the exact opposite of what we want. I recommend using your ring finger to tap your concealer into place just where you need it. Add a bit more if you truly feel it's necessary, but if you find it's creasing shortly after application you've gone too heavy. More important than adding several layers is to make sure you have the correct color, which leads me to the next point....

2) Make Sure You Concealer is the Right Color: This is a bit of Color Theory 101. Circles under the eyes tend to have either a purple or bluish cast, which means that pink-toned concealers will appear grayish under the eyes and only enhance the I-haven't-slept-through-the-night-in-six-months look. Look for concealers that have a peach or apricot undertone to them. This color will help cancel out the purpley circles under the eyes, meaning you can use less to cover more = win!

3) Skip Mascara on the Bottom Lashes: This is an easy way to bring all the attention UP to the top of the lash line, diverting attention away from the under eye area. Plus, you'll have less risk of smudging. The last thing we want is to accidentally add black smudges on top of those purple circles by the end of the day, right?

4) Go For a Tinted Moisturizer To Lightly Bronze Your Skin: When you think about healthy, supple looking skin, this typically includes a flush of color. Even fair skin (like mine!) flushes in the sun or with emotion, so when you're trying to add a bit of life to an exhausted complexion, think of a healthy flush. Instead of a heavy foundation, use your fingers to apply a light tinted moisturizer that is at least a perfect match for you if not a half a shade darker (no more than half a shade!! Pumpkin face is a huge pet peeve of mine!). You'll be amazed at how an overall healthy-colored complexion suddenly makes tired eyes look way more fresh. You'll know immediately if you've gone too light when you suddenly look like you're attempting to bring back the Twilight vampire trend. Good for preteens, not good for mamas.

5) Brighten Your Skin With a Warm Blush Color: A beautiful blush truly has the power to transform your whole face. I often tell ladies, if you look at a blush color and your instinct is to be afraid of how bright it is, this is probably a great color for you. The key is to only apply it sparingly, and in the right place. Blush DOES NOT sweep back up the whole cheek. Think about where you would naturally flush if you suddenly sprinted, or chugged a glass of champagne (come on, we've all done it). Tap your fluffy brush into the color, and apply in a circular motion to the top of the apples of the cheeks. Think if you drew a line straight down from the outer corner of your eye. That healthy flush of color on the cheeks will make your skin look bright and healthy, which diminishes the look of tiredness around the eyes.

Written by our Guest Mom Contributor Erica Preus.

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