Apples and almonds make for a great halloween fang treat
Halloween is a time of year filled with tons of candy!  Sure, we give in a let our little ones indulge,  but it's also a good idea to have some healthy options to balance out all that sugar.  The best way to entice a little one away from the candy is if the healthier treats look spooky and fun!  These "Fang Snacks" are awesome.  A healthy apple combined with almonds provide a nice fruit and protein snack.  They are simple to make and look super creepy!
Banana ghosts and orange pumpkins are fun to eat for kids
Booooooo!  Are you scared of the banana ghosts?  Healthy bananas with chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth = super yum! And these adorable pumpkins made from oranges or cuties topped with a celery stem are easy to make for a quick snack.
Spider celery filled with peanut butter covered with plastic spiders.
Another great way to get protein into your little one are these celery and peanut butter spider snacks.  Protein is a great way to make sure little ones have enough energy and avoid low blood sugar, so these are a great options.  Put a little plastic spider on each one and you have another creepy treat!
A ghoulish popcorn treat
One of my favorite of all the Halloween snacks is the Zombie Popcorn Hand.  Fill some plastic gloves with your favorite popcorn, add some candy corns as finger nails and perhaps a fly or spider ring around one of the fingers to add some extra creepy-ness.  Your kids will have fun making these too.  All these ideas are great for parties, school functions or just a fun activity to do at home, and your little ones will love it!

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