Oct 09, 2015

Bump Club and Beyond

Leslie Newton shares about starting her company Newlie Diaper Bags
Every Wednesday Bump Club and Beyond chooses a mom for their Wonder Woman Wednesdays to answer a bunch of questions and Leslie was chosen!  It went a little like this:
What is your backstory?

Well, I started as an actor performing at a well known improv theater in Los Angeles called the Groundling’s (where folks like Will Ferrell, Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are from).  For fun I sewed up a handbag (I’m not such a good sewer) and strangers kept asking where I bought it. So they’d give me their address, $25 and I’d sew them up one.  For a baby shower I made a diaper bag version of my handbag and my first brand, timi & leslie was born.  That brand grew and became successful, and then I decided I wanted to do some new things and take a different direction, so I parted ways with t&l and started my new brand, Newlie.  Having a new brand has been so exciting!

Tell us about your typical weekday:

Wake up around 6:30 – get my daughter breakfast, make her lunch, and try and get her to get herself dressed.  Drive her to school and come home to either jump on my computer or go to my exercise class.  Work, design and then either keep working until 5 or on certain days pick my daughter up at 3.  Shuttle her around to playdates, soccer practice, gymnastics or just home.  Make dinner, get Lily to do her homework, bath, bed, and then more work.

Tell us about a save the day moment:

 When I can get my to-do list done and get my daughter to do her homework without a battle in one day.

Who is your Wonder Woman?  

My mom.  She’s awesome.

What is your super power?

Incredible drive and persistence.

If you could have a secret identity what would it be and what would you use it for? 

I’d be Bat Woman to A) Impress my daughter as she loves Bat Girl B) To get around quicker.

What is your arch nemesis?

Needing sleep at night.  Would get a lot more done if I had the full 24 hours.

What is in your Wonder Woman power pack?

Lip Gloss, cell phone, snacks for my daughter, hand wipes for daughter, and a credit card.

Who is your Sidekick/Partner in Crime? 

My hubby.  He is SO supportive and helpful.

What would you consider your theme song? 

Let It Go” because I’m forced to listen to it all the time so it’s always in my head and because I’d like to be as strong as Elsa.

Which Superhero do you most identify with and why? 

Well, I’m going to have to make up one: Super Stay Calm Mom.  I aspire to be a woman/mom who can stay calm in the face of any challenge with work or home life.

Who is your supporting cast of characters that helps you to achieve Wonder Woman status?

My mom for sure.  She helps me around our house, keeping things organized, toys picked up, stuff like that.  She’s a real savior. My friend Lissa who has her own company and is also a mom.  We bounce ideas off each other or just vent!

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To thank Leslie for participating, Bump Club and Beyond is going to make a donation to one of her favorite charities.  She chose Kaboom!

Visit Bump Club and Beyond HERE!

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