Oct 08, 2015

Looking Good With Gail

Learn how to style the Sandalwood Gail Satchel Diaper Bag from Newlie

The Gail Satchel Diaper Bag in Sandalwood is a favorite because of the extra center dividing pocket inside the bag.  You therefore divide your diaper bag contents into three sections.  The center pocket is perfect as the "mommy pocket" where you can keep all of your essentials: sunglasses, wallet, lip gloss, energy bar...you get the drift.


The Gail Satchel is a good size with the exterior flap closing it up nicely but when you open it, the bag is actually really big and roomy.  And don't forget the interior, insulated zipper pocket!  This can be used for both bottles during the diaper years and snacks during the toddler years making the Gail Satchel a Toddler Bag too!

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  • Geri: October 09, 2015

    what is the cost of the Gail Satchel?

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