Sep 14, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Pillow

My daughter Lucy and I have been crafting together since she was a wee tiny human. One thing she enjoys is hand stitching, and she has been asking to learn how to sew using a sewing machine. Until recently I didn't think she was old enough, but now I think she's ready to give it a try.

For our first sewing machine project, we made a Tooth Fairy Pillow. In case you've never heard of such a thing, it is not a teeny tiny pillow for a weary fairy to rest her head at night. Cute as that sounds. It's a little pillow with a pocket in which to leave a tooth and for a generous fairy to switch out the tooth with a little gift. The brilliance of this is that it hangs conveniently on the doorknob on the outside of the child's bedroom door, so that the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to go into the room, let alone move a child's head to get under a pillow (yikes)! I mean, I can see how this would be very appealing to the Tooth Fairy, so as to not disturb a sleeping, newly-toothless child. ;)

DIY your own tooth fairy pillow

Back to the project! to keep it simple, I wanted to use fabric that I had on hand, so we were limited in choices, but I let Lucy decide which fabrics she wanted to use, she chose, and we proceeded!

We went with a simple square-shaped pillow, with a tooth-shaped pocket on the front. Using a rotary cutter, we cut out two pieces of the cherry fabric for the two sides of the pillow, another, slightly smaller piece of the cream colored fabric for the inner square detail, and I cut out the tooth shape using shears.

 Once all the pieces were cut out, Lucy drew a smiley face on the tooth, and we sewed the tooth to the smaller piece. Next, we sewed that piece onto one of the larger squares, which would become the front of the pillow. Then, with wrong sides together, we sewed the front and back pieces together, adding some decorative cording for the handle, leaving a small gap. Then we turned the pieces inside out, stuffed the pillow with fiberfill, and finally sewed the pillow closed.

Easy to make tooth fairy pillow

When it came to the sewing, I let Lucy control the foot pedal and I helped guide the fabric through the machine. I was around her age when my grandma first taught me how to sew on her machine. I remember being timid, so I went very slowly at first. Not my girl. "OOOH! This is FUN!" she yelled, as her foot pressed on the pedal for the first time. This is awesome for sewing- I loved her enthusiasm. On the other hand, this does not bode well for when she learns to drive... *insert quizzical, scrunchy face*

Learning to sew can be fun
This was so much fun to make, and I would definitely recommend it as a beginner sewing machine project. It involves simple shapes and sewing straight lines, and just a handful of steps. Considering it wasn't planned too far in advance and we were able to use only using scraps of materials that we had on hand, I'm really happy with the way it turned out! For her part, Lucy is is proud that she sewed a thing, happy with the outcome, and is excited to use it. Much to her dismay, she isn't even close to expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy yet, but at least now we'll be ready!

Written by Guest Mom Contributor Shannon Caspar

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  • J: October 15, 2015

    Such a cute and practical idea! The best crafts are simple & easily applicable like this. I would love to see more ideas from this blogger. Lucy is a doll!

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